CeeJay Ray and KB have a friendship that spans over ten years and it shows through their chemistry on and off air. Together they formed Degrees and Chuck T's, a show rooted in their appreciation for music, especially Hip Hop. CeeJay and KB have the dexterity to give their unfiltered opinions on pop culture, politics, and issues affecting the everyday person. Both holding Communications degrees, the ladies of Degrees and Chuck T's exhibit their talents in Marketing, Public Relations, and Production to build their brand. These savvy women have the drive and willpower to focus on the future by creating it.
On the other side of the coin, Degrees and Chuck T's are two streetsmart and hilarious badasses. They have their own style and creative process: CeeJay and KB both create and expand ideas on a metaphorical blank canvas. Ask them how they do it, and either one will say, "it just works". CeeJay is the wildcard comedian, there's no telling what she might say. She'll take you on head to head. KB has a laid back style, but when she tells you what's on her mind, you just might get your feelings hurt. Tell Grandma this show is not for her. The Degrees and Chuck T's Show does not shy away from any topic nor back down! Expect to laugh out loud and experience great conversation and all around entertainment. Ceejay and KB are more that hosts, they are #UnapologeticallyDope.
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Episode 5: Raw meat, Fuck Dance Challenges, & High Frequency Alert

This is classic Degrees and Chucks T's! CeeJay and KB are able to talk about everything Pop Culture while keeping you laughing, but when it's time to discuss social issues, they don't back down. Listen to their in-depth raw discussion on rape culture and try to keep Nia Wilson's name and memory alive.

Episode 4: Black N Mild Take Over

This episode is pandemonium from beginning to end! CeeJay and KB are joined by the insanely hilarious #1 Contemporary Dad Rap Duo, The Black N Mild. They tell us how they met, their personal career paths, and their album 'The New New Jack' while complete high-jacking the show.

Episode 3: Tupac, The Carters, and our Terrible Virginity Tales

This week, CeeJay and KB discussed Tupac's passing and the role MTV news played in our childhood. The Carters surprised us all and dropped their joint album while we were recording, and you get to hear our raw and honest truth about us losing our virginity. To our parents and immediate family members, do not have been warned!

Episode 2: Favorite Movies, Quotable Lines, and Best Characters

This week, CeeJay and KB discussed their favorite movies with familiar quotable lines. Do you think you know their fav movies? The Songs of the Day by KB will take you back down memory lane. Hosted by: @degreesandchuckts / @cj_doitmyway & @kbtidwell

Episode 1: Prince, Math, and the Evolution of Hip Hop

This week the ladies discussed Prince's passing and his shocking toxicology report, 9x9 and 8x3, and the state of Hip Hop/Rap #ForTheCulture. Hosted by: @degreesandchuckts / @cj_doitmyway & @kbtidwell